Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology, Inc. (PMET) is a full-service technology development and service company specializing in metals and minerals processing, coal ash utilization, waste stream management, and precision analysis. We develop and commercialize technologies dedicated to waste minimization, waste treatment, and the conversion of industrial wastes to safe, usable, and profitable products.

We have patented many of our technologies, including our Brixx © technology for the manufacture of shaped building products.

PMET's unique combination of state-of-the-art integrated materials analysis capabilities, process development skills, and pilot plant design and operation capabilities provide full-service solutions to a wide range of materials processing and environmental problems by:
  • clearly defining the problem via precise materials characterization

  • developing safe, cost-effective process solutions

  • pilot demonstration and commercialization

  • ongoing consulting services and customer support.
Since 1985, PMET has assisted mining, minerals, chemical, and metals companies and electric power generators worldwide in improving the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of their operations; reducing waste; and converting formerly landfilled wastes into profitable commercial products. PMET's integrated analytical and process development services are performed for clients on a contract basis and are also employed by PMET to develop proprietary technologies currently being commercialized or available for commercialization.