Oil & Gas Services

Based upon prior experience in related fields, PMET now offers a variety of specialized services to the Oil & Gas Industry.

Environmental Inspection Services

Oil and Gas
  • Third Party Inspection services of pipeline construction, land remediation, and plant facilities construction.
  • Inspectors are fully knowledgeable with Federal, State, and Local regulations and permits.
  • Each individual inspector generates a Daily Field Report documenting areas of inspection, and deficiencies brought to attention of management and contractors along with photo documentation of areas of concern.

TENORM Services

  • Expert Consultation
  • Field surveys performed by certified Radiation Safety Officers, with appropriate State licensing.
  • Field sampling and shipment of samples to appropriate labs for analysis.

Mercury Services

Mercury Removal
  • PMET holds patents and know how in the removal and recovery of mercury from a variety of impacted media.
  • Extensive experience in the design, supply, and operation of patented retort projects.
  • In depth capability to monitor and analyze various oil and gas streams to identify potential future problem areas and avoid expensive future repairs due to mercury attack on sensitive process equipment.

Drill Core Analysis

Drill Core Analysis
  • Quantitative mineralogical analysis
  • Clay speciation.
  • Bulk chemical analysis


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