PMET's Carbon Separation/Purification technology has been designed to recover high purity, high margin carbon products from fly ash/carbon mixtures for use as sorbents, pigments, fillers, fuel additives, and other applications currently utilizing primary carbon grades. This technology provides an efficient, cost effective method for removing, concentrating, and recovering commercially viable carbon-rich materials from the high-carbon by-product resulting from the initial removal of carbon from ash and from certain as-combusted high-carbon ash/carbon mixtures.

Efficient carbon separation/recovery is achieved by combining mechanical, pneumatic, and electrostatic means in order to:

  • produce carbon-rich products having carbon contents greater than 85-90%

  • produce very fine low-carbon silica ash products with enhanced pozzolanic properties

  • increase recovery by liberating adhered and/or entrapped carbon from the ash particles and adhered and/or entrapped ash from the carbon particles

  • produce ash and carbon products of controlled particle size

Utilizing PMET's state-of-the-art Materials Sampling capability, Integrated Materials Analysis, and Ash Processing Pilot Facilities, our Ash Utilization engineering and development staff:

  • provides a broad range of carbon removal and recovery services to assist power plant operators and other companies engaged in ash generation and/or utilization activities in finding practical, profitable solutions to their ash problems

  • helps develop practical solutions to ash utilization problems from concept through commercialization